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Twitter General Election 2019

12 December, 2019

Social media platforms generate a vast amount of data on a daily basis, on a variety of topics and consequently represent a key source of information for anyone interested in a current snapshot of online presence in society. In recent years, there has been an increased amount of research into social media data across a wide variety of disciplines, including sociology, computer science, marketing, and political science.

Digital Forensics and Social Media: ethics, challenges and opportunities

11 September, 2019

A new research project will explore the use of ‘digital forensics’ in criminal cases, focusing on social media and messaging communications between suspects, victims and witnesses of crimes.

BIDA Cyber Security Lab

28 May, 2019

BIDA Cyber Security Lab is specialised in data-driven cyber-security research. The BIDA-CSL has set out on a journey to bridge the gap between the advancement of machine learning and the progression of cyber-security with the objective of creating the next-generation intelligent cyber-defence and security research environment for future cyber-warfare including the applications of cyber-physical systems (e.g. autonomous vehicle). More...

The Coastal Sensor Project

 4 April, 2019

The Coastal Sensor Project is a joint research project led by Professor George Roussos (Computer Science) and Professor Sue Brooks (Geography). The project is aimed at developing low power wireless environmental sensors that will assist process understanding and inform future coastal protection schemes. More...